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Jaguar escaped in hurricane blamed in Belize death

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10/26/2010 09:30 PM
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Jaguar escaped in hurricane blamed in Belize death
BELIZE CITY A jaguar that escaped from its cage at a Belize animal rescue center during Hurricane Richard has been blamed in the mauling death of a U.S. citizen whose body was found on Tuesday.

The four-year-old male jaguar named Max escaped when a tree fell on his cage on Sunday, the same day Category 1 Hurricane Richard hit the country's Caribbean coast with howling winds and rain.

Authorities found the victim's body near the animal center on Tuesday. It had bite marks on the forearm and neck, and had apparently been attacked the day before and dragged for some distance into the bushes.

More at link:

[link to www.msnbc.msn.com]

I've been to this zoo and the cages and pens of many of these large animals are filled with trees and shrubs as well as being surrounded by them.
I can easily see a strong storm doing damage enough to the pens and cages allowing for escape.