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Subject Fibers rain down from chemtrails in TX (revisited)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anyone in Central Texas notice any of this stuff in the air today? I did.

Excert from an old thread on this topic:

Thread: Fibers rain down from Chemtrails in Texas

Dear Jeff,

Here is an email I sent to Carol Carnicom along with some photo attachments. There are nine pictures all together and yahoo only allows 5 attachments, so I will be sending them in two different emails.

My family and I recently moved from the Dallas area in hopes that a small town atmosphere would lessen the impact of this stuff. I was completely wrong in my thinking, for it has only gotten worse. We are not far from Bush´s Crawford Ranch. As I mention in the letter below, please feel free to contact me. I only wish my photos captured how truly hideous this scene was.

The below was sent to Carnicom on 12-06-04:

I had showed the photos I sent you to some friends of mine, and they suggested I pass them on to Rense or someone who would have an interest. I remembered I had corressponded with you in the past and thought maybe Cliff would be interested.

I live in Hewitt Texas, which is a few miles south of Waco. These pictures were taken from an elementary school parking lot and some from my own yard.

It seems every day around here is a "spray day." On some days, though, this stuff literally rains down from the sky. I´ve seen it hanging for miles on the light posts along the highway.

It´s sad that I have to question whether my son should go out to play or whether to walk the dog. I´ve even thought to wear gloves to open the mailbox.

Needless to say, if samples were ever needed or further investigation into this should be warranted, I would be a willing contact.

Thank you for your time.

<end quote>
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