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Australian Department of Climate Change says that the case for global warming needs to be "bolstered"

brane moran
User ID: 1146384
10/29/2010 10:50 PM
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Australian Department of Climate Change says that the case for global warming needs to be "bolstered"
The Department of Climate Change says that the government should run a climate-change commission, to bolster the case for global warming. Well they would say that, wouldn't they? What chance is there that the Department of Climate Change would admit the whole thing is a hoax? They'd all lose their jobs.

It says the government's promised climate-change commission ''could bolster the case for the science [of global warming], which is the bedrock of climate policy and which has been eroded in the public's mind by a concerted campaign … by some scientists and commentators''.

It likens the climate sceptics' campaign to ''earlier disputation about the science of tobacco smoking, asbestos and ozone-layer impacts'' and advises a strong ''community engagement'' program because ''climate change is a complicated communication challenge''.

They also say that unless the government sets a price on "greenhouse emissions", the price of electricity will go up. Yes, they are saying that unless the government adds a carbon tax to the price of electricity, the price will go up.

"THE federal government has been warned electricity prices will rise further unless power generators get a clear carbon price by 2012, and that Australia's greenhouse gas reduction targets are already ''difficult to achieve''.

The ''incoming government brief'' to the new Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, said there was ''considerable evidence'' that uncertainty over climate-change policy was stalling long-term investment in efficient, cheaper power generation, which was ''resulting in sub-optimal investment and higher electricity prices with little environmental benefit''."

How did we get to this situation? When will the Global Warming Scam finally be exposed and this nonsense thrown away?

[link to www.smh.com.au]