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believe the messages everyone, no matter your personal belief...all that is foretold is now here...

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/13/2010 10:27 PM
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believe the messages everyone, no matter your personal belief...all that is foretold is now here...

Climax Springs, MO

NOON at Yahweh Shalom

It is I, your Mother. Child, write.

Today I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child, you have obeyed and gathered My children each week. You have faithfully led them here at noon to pray the rosary and to receive God’s Words to them through Me. I thank you, child, for it has not always been easy.

Today I say to My children, pray, pray, pray. All that has been foretold is now here. I have prepared, by God’s Will, all those who have come here and who read the messages for these days. The Saints and Angels pray for you and help you to persevere in loving unconditionally.

I say to the worldly ‘Woe.’ I say to all those who have ridiculed the prophets ‘Woe.’ And I say to My children who have listened and obeyed, ‘God is your refuge.’ Trust in Him alone. Be faithful to the Commandments. Go to confess your sins often and receive Our dear Jesus in Holy Communion with great purity of heart and soul.

My little children, I hold you all in My Immaculate Heart and I will never abandon you. You were born for these days, so be at peace, for God is with you and will guide you each day of your life. You fill My Heart with joy for you love My Son, Jesus. You fill My Heart with joy because the Father in Heaven calls you His own and He will fill you with the Holy Spirit. Be a witness to God’s presence within you and be a light in the darkness. You are called to lead others to the Prince of Peace and through you peace will come into this world. Persevere and be not afraid.

I bless you.

NOTE: Mother came as Virgin Victorious and wore gold sandals.

Jesus came during the fifth decade of the rosary. He said, ‘Child, I bless these items and petitions’ and made the sign of the cross, which hung gold in the air. Then He said, ‘Child, I bless all present with a special blessing’ and made a second sign of the cross, which was white light and rose into the sky with an angel on each side. He continued, ‘Child, I bless and affirm all those who have responded to the call of your Holy Mother Who reveals the Will of the Father for this time’ and made a third sign of the cross which hung gold in the air. Finally He said, ‘We go’ and looked up and the sky was filled with angels. As He and Mother turned, Their garments turned into shimmering light. They went through the gold door and were gone.

Jesus wore only the white robe with a gold crown and gold sandals.