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Subject New York Times: Comrade Raithel Solves Deficit Puzzle
Poster Handle burpinflyz
Post Content
1. Eliminate earmarks.
2. Eliminate farm subsidies (though actually, I'd cap them.)
3. Cut a quarter million big guvmint private contractors.
4. Reduce nuclear arsenal and space spending (for MILITARY uses, right?)
5. Reduce military to pre-Bush's Two Stupid War size.
6. Reduce Navy and Air Force fleets.
7. Cancel/delay weapons programs.
8. Reduce non-combat compensation/overhead (but I suspect more detailed numbers might make me think twice on some specifics.)
9. Get the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan by 2013.
10. Reduce SS benefits to rich assholes.
11. Return estate tax to Clinton-era levels.
12. Return investment tax rates to Clinton-era levels.
13. Expire Bush tax cuts above quarter mill.
14. Collect SS/FICA taxes on wages/salaries above $106,000 - and actually, I'd levy SS/FICA on ALL sources of income - wages/salaries, rents, capital gains, whatever. The MMT guys tell me that to think like them, I'd advocate eliminating SS/FICA entirely; but since it's what we already got, I want it levied in a fair and non-discriminatory way.
15. Not going to go with Bowles-Simpson, so I choose the other option - but I'd want more detail.
16. Reduce the mortgage interest deduction.
17. Levy a carbon tax.
18. Levy a bank tax.

I think that comes to $1.451 trillion...

[link to theharpomarxistbrigade.blogspot.com]

Give it a try, and lets see what you can do!!!
[link to www.nytimes.com]
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