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Revolt: Orlando Airport to Drop TSA as Security Screeners

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United States
11/18/2010 05:05 PM
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Revolt: Orlando Airport to Drop TSA as Security Screeners
Orlando Sanford International Airport has decided to opt out from TSA screening.

“All of our due diligence shows it’s the way to go,” said Larry Dale, the director of the Sanford Airport Authority. “You’re going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service.”

Dale says he will be sending a letter requesting to opt out from TSA screening, and instead the airport will choose one of the five approved private screening companies to take over…

The TSA points out that even if an airport decides to use a private firm for security, the screeners still must follow TSA guidelines. That would include using enhanced pat-downs and the full-body scanners if they are installed at the airport.

[link to hotair.com]
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