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China gives Free Energy Blueprints to all Worlds Nations -

Galactic Federation of Light -
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United States
11/22/2010 03:53 PM
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China gives Free Energy Blueprints to all Worlds Nations -
I bring hope and good news -
I just got some inside scoop form a friend who went out to an conference event in Cali, below is what he wrote to me - If I get any new info I will post again - NOt actually sure what the Conference was but I think it was in Sedona. As he was heading out to the Vortex's. He was also hanging out with David Wilcock. so that can't be bad.

( "Conference was good.
William Henry and I got along really well.

Apparently China has given the blueprints for free energy to all the worlds' nations. Just a matter of time

Spanish Secret Service said something about sightings on 11/24. Someone posted that on facebook. Lets see! :0 ) :dance: