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President Tim Turner;

User ID: 1164598
United States
11/24/2010 05:08 PM
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President Tim Turner;
President Tim Turner;
“I don’t call census workers a job”
“Unemployment rate is 30% or better”
“We need to rebuild the infrastructure”
“We need to put Pittsburgh back to work”
“I am proud of being political incorrect”
“we need to help the farmers”
“We need a strategic reserve of grain for at least 3 years”
“As president of this nation I am your servant”
“Without the peoples consent we can do nothing”
“We need to increase exports”
“With your consent we can do anything”
“We can change the world”
“We don’t have much time”
“TPTB want to exterminate us”
[link to www.republicoftheunitedstates.org]
Why be a slave when you can be a king or a queen?
Pres.Turner’s address to congress
[link to www.ustream.tv]
[link to republicofwv.blogspot.com]