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Quantative Easing, China and Russia abandon the Dollar, war likely w/NK... how much time left before the SHTF?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 352828
United States
11/30/2010 03:43 PM
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Quantative Easing, China and Russia abandon the Dollar, war likely w/NK... how much time left before the SHTF?
Ok, so I can't help but notice the increased amount of shit that is hitting the fan lately. The US is finding excuses to go to war with North Korea, China and Russia are moving away from the dollar as their trade currency (Russia is the 2nd largest exporter of oil in the world - arguably the same reason we went to war with Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, etc), which makes sense given that China is North Korea's "big brother". It seems to me that "quantative easing" successfully created a habitat for war, and the proverbial shit is about to hit the proverbial fan. How much time do we have left before collapse?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1167478
United States
11/30/2010 03:47 PM
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Re: Quantative Easing, China and Russia abandon the Dollar, war likely w/NK... how much time left before the SHTF?

It's not like you haven't been warned. Ten years ago, Titor came right out and said that 2011 was the year TSHTF.

While Titor stated that the US Civil War would technically begin in 2004/2005, he made many statements indicating that this domestic conflict would not actually turn violent until 2011 ("I keep saying her tune will change in about ten years [he posted this in 2001, and ten years later = 2011] and she'll be cleaning shotguns in her sleep" and "outright open fighting was common by 2011"). He predicted the US would see "a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse", and today the major story in the news is about all the thousands of families getting forcefully thrown out of their homes, which is exactly what the government was trying to do at Waco. Although he maintained that the US Civil War officially started in 2004/2005, he added that the conflict would not really get going until much later : "The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012", which is a timeline very consistent with today's economic crisis and foreclosure rush.

He said that the Civil War was supposed to begin in 2004. This prediction is what most critics point to as his worst mistake. However, 2004 seems to have been when the Republicans first used the electronic voting boxes to steal the US Presidency, which, if they did, amounts to a hostile takeover of the government, an act which would qualify as the beginning of a Civil War in any historian's eyes. Prior to 2004, the pre-election polls had had an extremely high success rate in revealing how the race was going, but in 2004, those polls were completely and dramatically incorrect, leading to widespread accusations of vote fraud. On election night, the whole nation was totally expecting Kerry to win. The polls said it wasn't even going to be very close, but then we were all shocked and surprised when Bush was announced the winner. Was Titor correct? Was there a silent coup in 2004? We still don't for sure know today. But that means we don't know whether his prediction about 2004 was right or not.

However, we DO know that his 2008 prediction was dead-on-the-mark accurate. Writing in 2000, he somehow totally nailed the 2008 turning point; he predicted "The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over." This prediction proved all too correct when the world economy crashed in 2008 and we entered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

He predicted we would have an "overheating problem with our space plane", and then the Challenger Explosion occurred because of, yes indeed, an overheating problem.

He predicted "degrading US foreign policy and consistency", and under Obama the US has been far less friendly to Israel and far more to Muslim nations, which certainly qualifies as an inconsistency.

He predicted the "the demise of "Homo Materia", an apparent reference to a worldwide economic collapse.

He predicted a revival of States Rights as a major national issue, and this came to pass lately with the advent of the State Sovereignty movement.

He predicted that "The West will become very unstable,". He totally nailed that one too. This prediction has already come true, as we have seen in the news stories covering the riots and chaos in Greece, France, England, Ireland, and elsewhere.

He predicted that China would become very aggressive and expansionistic, and it would "forcefully annex Taiwan, Japan and Korea" before 2015, and the news has carried stories lately suggesting that China is laying the groundwork for such expansion, with its recent huge military buildup, its naval fleet expansion, and its latest move to boost its naval presence in disputed waters.

Titor said that during the coming war, the greatest number of deaths would be via starvation, and the news has carried numerous stories about severe food shortages around the world over the last two years.

ALL of Titor's predictions came true with the exception of the "no official Olympics after 2004" prediction, and the ones that are still in our future.