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my dad is funny

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12/07/2010 03:37 PM
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my dad is funny
ok... so I was talking to him about the chinese subarmine missile launch.

and he was like.

"news is all bullshit, they just make up stories for drama, don't believe it"

then we're chatting about this wikileaks stuff and he completely believes all of it and perpetuates this non sense.

I think secretely all government shills admire those who leak documents and crap to the public, because they're doing somehing that they are too scared to attempt.

I really don't think the majority of people believe any of this wikileaks crap.

it's just being shoved down everybody's throats and the taste is unbearably awful.

"how can you swallow this tripe"

"Don't believe Lisa, she's a grade A moron."

Most of the people who write about wikileaks aren't actually posting opinions they've cultivated with their own minds.

They're just parroting the opinions written by "The News"

If it's written in the news, it must be true.
Don't believe anything I say... I lie all the time.