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Google creates new operating system to index your underwear

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12/07/2010 03:46 PM
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Google creates new operating system to index your underwear
The answer has been finally solved to "who's stealing my underwear" by google Scientists.

Inventing a car that drives itself is nothing compared to The Underwear Skynet Software, that secretely tracks, logs and accounts for all your stolen underwear.

Google scientists were puzzled at how to solve the problem of how they can invade more deeply into your private affairs, manipulate your thoughts and control you're mind.

The answer was simple.

Embed barcoding technology secretly into your underwear and track it via military gps, so you don't have to write your name into it anymore.

[link to media.www.alestlelive.com]

Does anyone think that software companies who have too much money always produce the shittiest products?
Don't believe anything I say... I lie all the time.