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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle somedude1
Post Content
viva argentina!
mi encanta argentina!
ok...heres what I think, for what its worth...
It sounds to me like the OP hasnt read the 'nibiru bible' - the 'Earth chronicles" by the late Zechariah Sitchin.
I know there are a lot of haters on ol Zech...but when I ask questions it usually becomes clear that they have not read him. He is a calm rational man who researches the subject of the 12th planet from sumerian stories written 3000 years before the bible. He's not a UFO nut...he just believes what he reads from these ancient people.
These people state that they got their culture and wisdom from Gods who came to earth. Its interesting when one looks into sumeria and how it had the first everything...from money to running water when the rest of the world was hardly out of the hunting/gathering stage.
no matter what anyone thinks about the truth or falseness of this subject, it still begs the question 'why did these people write down these tales of Gods coming down and changing mankind?' ...and why does the same story appear all over the world in every culture or religion in some way or form. Its a great eye opening series that explains the gaps in our knowledge and history...I think its worth reading.
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