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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Now this is my post from a thread on whether evolution should be taught in schools. Thread: Do you think evolution should be taught in public schools? might wish to visit that thread. You will see the WHY of my answer. People, we are such a messed up planet regards TRUE knowledge, in all ways, including god and evolution. The truth IS going to presented by the heavenly hosts (ETS) and we must then continue with it.

In the schools created after stasis, we will simply teach the TRUTH. This will be given accurately to the planet. Yes there is evolution, but it is not spontaneous as taught here. Planets ARE seeded with life and it does GROW and EVOLVE, until there is eventually GOD MIND produced out of the process.

It is both more and less than "survival" of the fittest. There are scientists of God who undertake the seeding of planets with life. Life is also transported to planets from other planets, that is where the Pouch animals like the kangaroo came from, brought here by colonists from other worlds. Evolution theories fail to take into context, colonization. We even got some of our viruses here from meteors that carried them from blown up worlds.

We are currently NOW in the Milky way Ecliptic, which we are in every 57 million years or so. Evolution will take a GIANT LEAP during this time. Many animals will stand up to walk in fact. Then also take into account what man himself contributes with his own selective breeding and then genetically modified stuff. Remember the disasters of Atlantis on that one.
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