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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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it was given a new orbit, which is some 3600 years long and takes it around both our Sun and a another sun in Sirius.

You do know that Sirius is 8.6 light years away?

And your point?

his point is that since you claim the planet is from Sirius. If this planet had an orbit velocity high enough to escape sirus but low enough to get caught be stable in our system then due to the fucking long distance it would have to have traveled, then it must have escaped sirius before sirius actually existed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1187844

Nibiru is partially self propellred, in part, and it does not move close to either sun. There are CRAFT in this solar system several times the size of earth, and this is not an issue for them.Gravity fields are NOT what they are thought to be on this planet. One does not need velocity to escape the gravity field. Gravity is the PUSH of cold hard space on a planet, or sun etc. Antigravity stuff doesn't work on velocity, it works on an apposing force that is sometimes as simple as generating heat. That is why hot air rises. Start there.
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