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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
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Post transfer from another thread. Thread: MASSIVE SIGNS TO THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST (Page 17)

30 November 2009

What we see are many signs to prove Planet X or Nibiru is nearer than most seem to understand.

We have seen the solar flares to be on the other side of the Sun when Planet X or Nibiru passed by for a time. Then it stopped on that other side to then swing around to approach this near side of the Sun, and so Planet X or Nibiru began to pass in front of the Sun for a season of time. Then it stopped and the Earth began to wobble as written in Isaiah 24:1 as Planet X or Nibiru pulls upon the Earth to one day where Planet X or Nibiru will once again stop in front of the Sun and cause a three-day eclipse of the Sun.

So this will fulfill Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 as written in Almighty God's Word. It will be like it is written during the time when Almighty God had three days of darkness all over Egypt and the entire Earth. This will happen again soon.

In this total darkness it is possible that the Lord will come as a thief in the night to call His very elect chosen and faithful few away at the end of this Gentile period of being saved by His grace,

Are you kidding me, do your research and get your face out of the crap you call the bible. Have you read project blue beam yet?

****** other posters above. *******

God is not the author of confusion. Many have read the holy bible and have done their research and know God has authored it just as He is the Author of life.

Evil men are said to be planning Project Bluebeam and I listened for hours the tapes put out by Canadian Serge Monaste who gave us much information on that subject. He stepped outside his home one evening when he heard the noise of a helicopter and he got zapped with a blue beam and he had a fatal heart attack.

Holograms are part of this deception. It's interesting that the future Anti-Christ Prince Charles appeared on stage as a hologram as he gave a speech to a real audience.

Quoting: Scribe to Elijah 1148459


Project blue Beam will not be allowed, God is in Control on that one. As to holograms yes, they exist and have good and bad use depending on their purpose, it goes to intent. Prince Charles is not the antichrist. He is an antichrist by his fruits apparently, I don't know him personally but I have heard stuff. The antichrist, if you mean a big bad boy coming back to the planet, was born in the Middle EAst and is about 40 now. AntiChrist is also a word for anybody not a bit interested in being Christ Like.

Prince charles did not appear as a hologram, somebody used technology to make a hologram of him. A hologram is basically a 3 d movie and there are multiple technologies for creating such. It also occurred with President Bush, when he visited New Orleans after katrina. There were even the blue lights used that are part of the process. A friend and I watched a very bad malfunctioning "eye" as part of the Hologram. It was disgusting yet few seemed to notice that watched that night, and wonder why the whole thing was so odd.

I have read the Holy Bible, and it is a whole bunch of confusion, thus God did not write it. How ever he did write much of the PHoenix Journals. Google them. Read #2 and #3 first. Also, visit www.urantia.org, to read for free, the whole thing was given by various hosts of heaven for these times. God did again, most Christians at least agree, give the word again, during the end times of this current civilization. And so he did thru the above sources and thru my team and website now.

Man wrote and continues to re write the Holy bible, and a little research on your part can prove that. The KJV was heavily changed out in the late 1800's to begin to add the deception of Israel, so Christians would support antichrist plans. And speaking of that, Israel is in the Middle East, is it not. Born moor than 40 years ago, but nevertheless, the Khazar Zionists are the biggy antichrists on this planet, a group of galactic thugs that were place here long along to work out their karma and there was a lot of failure in that. Every Christian that believes in the modern day Israel, is assisting the Antichrist in his work.

To the previous posters above, Nibiru did exactly none of the above. It did not stop behind the sun or go in front of it. The sun customarily has solar flares on the other side. And what is the "back" of the sun anyway. the back constantly changes as does the front based on it's rotation and our journey around it.

Nibiru is not here, but even if it was, it would not stop in front of the sun for a 3 day eclipse. This is really a less than brilliant comment. Nibiru is not large enough to eclipse the sun. And of course that would depend on where it stopped also for an eclipse.

the story of 3 days of darkness has nothing to do with Nibiru. It has to do with the upcoming magnetic Pole Reversal. During the time earth does not rotate, and as it of course slows and then begins to turn in the opposite direction, some portions of earth are in darkness, and some are in excessive light too I would assume, since it's not possible to have the entire surface of the planet not facing the sun.

When Nibiru is here, (and it's NOT planet X), it is "here" for around 200 years, it doesn't just run thru and disappear as nancy has seemed to say.
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