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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there will be no announcements, keep that GF NESARA crap as opinion not FACT. How's your buddy Casper, Poof, and crew doing anyway? Still got you guys waiting everyday for years for announcements?

Sad what they have done to you guys, you seem like nice people, just very gullible and easily manipulated..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1011642

Excuse ME, ONCE AGAIN, I am not associated with Casper, Poof, Bellringer, fullford or any of those others, including a host of false new age sites. . God's announcement plan is not their announcement plan. My organization IS the 2nd Coming organization. They are not. There's are plans of manipulating money by the dark side who wants the money which is not for the benefit of mankind at all but themselves. They are in some cases squabbling over the funds of the Foundation Divine, which they so not get.

The first of OUR announcements is over the end of wars and Fleets bringing home the combat troops, not just to the US of A but other countries that are sharing the load also. This is a biggy Christmas present if you will. Then there will be a mini stasis to remove the thugs from the planet and finish up others things on our to do list out of site of the public. Then we will return and have a week to 10 days or more if necessary of announcements and intense teaching about God plus the exposure of the thugs.

Casper et all are involved in exactly NONE of this. There will be NO NESARA announcements as part of this. We may or may not explain how and why that was lost. But the main purpose of NESARA was not MONEY, it was about the creation of the republic this country was meant to be. Since the days of signing on all those papers from back then, this country has remained a colony of Britain and is ruled by the Monarchy which is ruled by Rome. And in ROME here, I do not mean the city, or even the Vatican, although the Vatican is part of it. ROME is the headquarters, a corporation that runs this world, except it's not have much success with China and Russia, thank god for that one.
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