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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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i]Russ, these are NOT Christian.me NIP

What Holy Book, calendar, holidays and Messiah do you say defines Christianity for the Millennium?

I have the King James Bible, New Jerusalem calendar and holiday list and Jesus as the Messiah.

Sat Nov 9/23/10
Quoting: New Jerusalem Russ

Russ, the KJV is not a holy book and was not written by God at all. It is the stories man has written and no holy spirit assisted in writing it. Not how it works. While it has some truth, and some history, a lot of it has been changed by the antichrist folks and is not accurate at all. Example is the changing that occurred in the late 1800's so that Christians would support Israel.

My Messiah is Christ MIichael the Creator Son of Nebadon, who is the creator of my soul, and who was here 2000 years ago as Jesus, and returned as he promised, back in 1954. he also brought a fresh copy of the WORD as he suggested he would, which is the Phoenix Journals, (he is Aton/Hatonn in them). Also there is the Urantia Book. Google these. Read PJ #2 and 3 first.

This world ENDS with the stasis which is upcoming. The calendar starts over then as the New WORLD is built. There will be tremendous earth changes due to a Magnetic Pole Reversal and major axis shift during this time. About 1 Billion folks who have made the grade of being at last 51% of their karma cleared will return and rebuild. They "won" their judgment, but are far less than perfect and get some chances to grow their souls.

We will start time over, with a new calendar, which currently will be 360 days as the earth's orbit has changed some. I may change some more during stasis. This new calendar will start at 0, and will not include any of the Kharar jew holidays, or any other non godly holidays.

Now my organization, AbundantHope, IS the Second Coming organization and it is a partnership between Christ MIchael and several of his servants, including Esu Immanuel who was also here 2000 years ago, and is a temporary "God" or administrator of heaven for this planet. He plans to stay around 1000 years or whatever it takes. I have also taken on the obligation of heading AH ground crew portion, for 1000 years or whatever it takes.

Man will make new holidays and if he wants Christmas it will be on August 21, or whatever is appropriate as to the new calendar that expresses that birthday of over 2000 years ago, which was in 7 BC. We will have 12 months of 30 days, at this point in time. Again the "new age" starts with the return from stasis, so this will be the year 0 at that time and counting forward.

Let me inform you once again, JESUS is returned and would never support your Calendar because it supports the Antichrist of this planet, in the keep ing of "jewish" holidays.

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