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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
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I am archiving this post here from this thread. Thread: WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY THAT JESUS WAS A VIRGIN? (Page 3)

Lets just do a little math. Okay, Jesus was without sin. Jesus was not married. Fornication is a sin. So Jesus was never married and without sin, how could he have had sex? Answer: He never had sex, which in my estimation makes him a virgin.
 Quoting: SAK0047 1232897

"Jesus" returned in 1954. I know him very personally being that he and I have an organization called AbundantHope which IS the 2nd coming.

There is another book, which covers Mary M going to France, I think by dolores Cannon. It is long known in Europe she was there. She arrive with the little girl in her arms, born at sea.

Jesus (and that was NEVER his name), was two individuals on a joint mission sharing a body. One was the Creator Son, of Nebadon, of whom there are quotes in this thread. The other was Esu Kumara, long ago Son of Sanat Kumara, and A Nah. (some say Anna, but it's a nah), who played the role of Mother Mary back then.

There were 6 children brought into this plane, helped to restore a bit of Holy DNA which is what Dan Browns' book is around, I believe, been awhile since I wrote it. The Holy Grails is her blood line that has always been attempted to be destroyed by others. Mary M and Esu were separated after the crucifixion which he SURVIVED. Esu fled first to Damascus where he encountered Saul/Paul.

He moved on to the region of India, Kashmir is where he put down roots, and married a local woman and had 5 children.

Mary M never had any more children but SaRa did, putting some holy DNA into Europe.

Esu lived to over 100 years, about 115 actually. And to top this story off, if you go read Phoenix Journal #2 you will learn that Judas was his best friend and no betrayer. The thugs of the world did that on purpose. The betrayer was another with a somewhat similar name. But not one of his friends the apostles. YES THEY WERE HIS FRIENDS.

Esu's son of those times, named Joseph, I think, brought records kept by Judas who also went with Esu to India, and some of his own back and buried them in that old grave of long ago, and a Catholic Priest was led to find them, and they were translated into German from the Aramaic and then into English as the Talmud of Immanuel (may be spelled Emmanuel) which you can google.

Phoenix Journal #2 is the translation by Judas himself from the Aramaic. Some of the records were destroyed during the period of translation, thus the Talmud of Immanuel was not complete. The Catholic Priest and all of his family were murdered for this. Yea ones so stuck on the bible have been pilfered of the truth by the satanic ones themselves, which includes that the "jews" are the chosen people.

they are not. The word wasn't in use back then. The Khazars who were never semites, created it for themselves and changed your bible so you would support them stealing Israel. That IS truth.
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