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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Archiving from another thread. Thread: CHRISTIANITY IS PART OF THE PROBLEM...... (Page 4)


Shakespeare portrayed Julius Caesar as aware, "The fault dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves; that we are underlings".

Christianity is The Way, Ordained by God The Father and Secured by Christ Jesus. It is The Way to Abide With and Know God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Have to be Born-Again to Know God Personally and Directly, to have HIM Give you "A New Heart Of HIS Flesh". Come Unto The Father in humble and sincere submission and completely surrender all aspects of your life into HIS Control and you will Know and experience Christianity.

No two Born-Again Christians are alike. Yet all are alike in that we Trust God Fully and live IN and Through HIS Will. The Born-Again Life is Witnessed in Ezekiel 36, First John Epistle, and John ch 17 to specify three references.

All comes down to your heart:
-Do you Know WHO Christ Jesus IS?
-Can you Trust Father-God Fully with every aspect of your life?
-Are you willing to open up your heart Unto The Father and tell HIM so?

A "real Christian" is Guided through life By God The Holy Spirit and lives In-Service to The Father.

The pity of modern Christian religion is that none are willing to Trust God To Guide HIS People, so they develop dogma, doctrine, and other ritual that by their very nature are alien from Trusting HIM. Very few in life able to manifest their hearts completely Unto HIM, so few actually Know or have Partaken Of The Fruit.

Most here seek comfort and support from others who also could not Trust God Fully with their lives... Few ever witness of their Relationship With God, even though that is exactly what Jesus Gave HIS Life To Enable. The reason for lack of witness is absence of Relationship or Knowledge Of-HIM.

Lester, what you say is true. For those stuck in organized Christianity ANSWER THIS ONE, how do billions who never heard the Name JESUS become BORN AGAIN. Can a muslim become born again, a buddhist, aaaaaa whatever? YES. One becomes BORN AGAIN IN SPIRIT and it matters NOT the religion or culture one was raised in. It means coming out of ungodly behaviors and walking a lighted path, and it can happen to anyone, anywhere. What is wrong with Christianity, as believed, is that you all think YOU are the only ones who can do this, be born again, and then many (not all) of you walk all over others your whole rest of your live, and are NOT thus born again of the Spirit you don't understand.

This false christian belief system, is currently used to cause "Christians" to support Israel, and these terrible wars by Israel controlling the United States, in the Middle East. Does not the bible suggest the antichrist comes out of the middle east, it is ISRAEL and the Khazar thugs that run this world, from there, Rome and London.

I have witnessed enough ugly "born again" shit on this planet, to have my fill long ago. Yea ones think you can go to church, believe ON Jesus, and you have yet to figure out that GOD (or JESUS, Christ Michael, and the Father) is within YOU. And you are to grow your soul in goodness. Your SOUL is YOUR MIND, and so many when they become Christians, as in the corporate structures forget all about their MIND and growing it knowledge and goodness.

There is that misunderstood story of Adam and Eve eating of the Tree of Knowledge and I guess they went to hell for it. YOU ARE TO EAT of that Tree, and grow your MIND and for many, it seems mind growth just stops when they start going to church.

I am not putting down real christians here, which can come from any faith, and may not have ever heard the Name Jesus. They have heard the name GOD however. That we are still in this horrid wars in the Middle EAst, and have killed over 20 million people now in Iraq and Afghanistan alone, is proof positive that most who claim in this country alone to be Christians, have failed, utterly failed, in being that Light of God. You will not come into joint sovereignty and kick the beast out of our government. You are so believing in Jesus the WrONG way you do not see your light. It remains hidden.

I just recently witnessed such a perfect example of what I have seen over and over and over.

A really Godly person started a little coffee Knitting group where I live, our of her sincere inner desire to serve during her last days of life. She passed recently, and many of these attending this group are "born again" Christians. And UGLY as shit. Now this lady that passed was wondrous, a very OLD soul and mature. I watched her in amazement each week how she went about being the God Within. But she did not like organized religion and neither did her best friend. Well after she passed we were together on the usual day, and the discussion turned to DID SHE GET SAVED?
Yes about a million years ago probably.

Well knowing this ones thinking themselves "saved" I made a simple eulogy to this marvelous woman and her light. (who spent also a good part of her life singing great music such as that by Handel) Well, one of these "righteous ones" attending, said it mattered not how brilliant the light shown, if she didn't accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she was thus in HELL. You cannot not believe the affect this statement had on that little group. Especially the good friend. her face, oh my. This less than enlightened soul, is a Baptist. And when she utters these words, I have seen similar in her before, her eyes get small, beady and dark. It's as if "satan" just moved into her for the occasion. The window to the soul is in the eyes, and there was never better proof of this than the light in the eyes of this lovely person that passed, and the darkness in the eyes in this small "Christian" soul.

This is so typical of so many "pious" Christians. I have been sent to HELL by them my whole life and I cannot long stand to be in these churches. As part of my research into religion on this world, I was going to lots of various local churches and even seeing the mainstream ones going the way of this horrid evangelical movement of the THUGS. I continue to get sent to Hell by them here too. HELL is HavingEverLastingLife, Fire is Firey Intelligence Reverberating Eternally. Yes that beloved lady of LIGHT is in "hell fire" and my friends, the satanic folks changed "hellfire" into something of the devil, when it's something you should ATTAIN. By your works given with LOVE from the heart. Didn't the bible say someplace correctly, that Satan is the master of LIES. YOU WANT HELLFIRE for yourselves!!!!!!!!!! It is not a ugly place.

HELLFIRE is HOT, because the more love and growth, the higher the vibration of soul (and matter), "heaven" gets hotter and hotter in fact as the vibrations increased. A being form the Central Universe is incredibly "hot".

COLD is the symptom of Darkness, not HEAT. This Baptist lady showed her COLD and then some.

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