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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
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Ok, lets look at this in terms of what we know for sure:

1. 2012 Winter Solstic will bring about a planetary alignment, the likes of which HUMAN's have never witnessed.

2. Planetary alignments CAN throw off gravitational forces, and wreak havoc on a planet and/or solar system.

3. There are, right now, very unusual planetary anomolies, extreme weather, animal deaths and earth quakes as well as volcanoe's.

So, with these 3 facts alone, what can we surmise from them. Well, I think it is safe to say that we WILL see some sort of problems related to a Total Solar Alignment, I think we are already seeing some effects of it as things begin to align. We just had a Lunar Eclips on the Winter Sulstic which is something we will never see again, not in our life times.

It is safe to say that at the very least, people should plan for the worst and hope for the best. That is just common sense. Does the Government know more than they are letting on, FOR SURE they do. Absolutely.
Quoting: 0311INFANTRYSIR 760857

Excuse me OP please explain the fact of 2012 at winter solstice? What planetary alignment are you speaking of then? We have repeated all the same planetary alighnments over and over and over, over time and none of them has destroyed this world. What planet is going to do this? Answer this question and you are going to toss postulate #2 right out the door. Your only fact here is #3 in that these things are increasing. But we have always had them too.

What is this TOTAL SOLAR ALIGNMENT of which you speak???? What is going to be aligned then that will cause whatever you are expecting? And that lunar eclipse on winter solstice did exactly WHAT? NOTHING, so what if you won't see another on in your lifetime? How is this going to affect the world?
Sure the government knows more, you are correct, and they KNOW there is NO Nibiru. Is Nibiru your "planetary alignment?"

Come of person, put on thy thinking cap, meaning your GOD thinking cap here.

If your "planetary alignment" is the galactic alignment spoken of in literature, that is not a planetary alignment. It is this solar system being in the Milky way Ecliptic, which is galactic, and I have news, we have been in it for over 4 years now. Our calendar is at least 7 years OFF, as Christ was born in 7 BC, for starters, and how can you know if the powers accurately aligned the calendar used with that of another ancient race which lived across the oceans far from ROME?

People you must consider these things in your thinking, and not just copy and paste false stuff into your minds.

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