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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
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As this link demonstrates

[link to health.howstuffworks.com]

Post archived from this thread. Thread: If your memories are stored in your brain...how will you remember who you are in the afterlife? (Page 2)

Memory is directly related to the physical brain, that is why doctors could lobotomize people to erase their memories. So if you die, and somehow your spirit or soul lives on, how the heck would you even have an identity...it would give me great comfort to believe i will be re-united with my family in a Christian type idea of heaven when I die, but it doesnt seem feasible.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1231298

Your memory is stored on electrons used b your non physical mind, not your brain. If your brain is mucked up, then it can't serve as the tool of your mind. Your soul IS your mind in fact. And your mind survives death. It is the YOU. Not the brain or body.

The Christian type heaven is NOT understood. It is earned before you can go there, but nevertheless your mind survives you. Heaven is a series of specially constructed spheres (BUILT) not evolutionary like this sphere. YOu cannot go the the lowest of those until you have reached a certain level of spiritual attainment, generally speaking. Although some are taken to the lower ones on a space available basis at interims. You are given a new body there.

In fact when you pass this plain you look like you did during this life, because your mind includes that part of your mind that runs your body, and thus a spiritual form made out of electrons will look like you for this reason.

Your mind is non physical completely, but you store your knowledge, as an animal being on electrons, and each electron can hold 3 gigs of information. YOu eventually as you clear karma build a light body of photons, and photons store much more than the electron does.

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