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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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from a thread about honoring our King.

I am a child of God, through Yeshua the Messiah.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1113553

No, you are a child of God because you have a reasoning mind. GOD IS MIND. You are a part of that mind. Therefore a child of God.

The one you label Yeshua, his birth name was Joshua Ben Joseph, which was the name for that lifetime as son of Joseph. Now there are TWO who were here together 2000 years, using the same body. One was Esu Sananda Immanuel Kumara, a very highly advanced christed being, who then afterwards earned the higher title of Sananda, meaning One with God, because he graduated from paradise, the highest heaven, and the center of the creation.

The other was Christ Michael, who is the Creator Son of our universe. He made his final bestowal on this planet at that time and bestowed also on Pentacost, the Spirit of Truth (not the Holy Spirit, but we allow that term because it is not understood anyway). He is also returned, separately so to speak. He of course is a spirit being, (as is Esu as is myself also), He if the Creator of our Universe, (there are 700,000 universes folks and more coming into being), and His "parents" are the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. All universes have a Creator Son who is Father of his particular universe. Now he is returned also USING A BODY so he can be visible, just as Esu is here again using a body, (handsome he is too, ladies), just as I am here using a body. There are many high spirit beings "incarnate" using a body on this planet right now, because it's such a backward world and needs a lot of help. there are many invisible beings here too.

I have personally met Esu and Christ Michael, in his body he is using. They are aboard craft. I have met quite a few others also here.

Now on this planet "God" means two things to people, one being the living force within everything, and the other a "leader" or King. Will their is hierarchy and Christ Michael could certainly be labeled "King" of Nebadon, but that's really not an appropriate label because he is creator of Nebadon and much more than a King.

Esu is temporary visible KING of Earth. For about 1000 years or whatever is required and Christ Michael will be here personally also as long as required. Christ Michael is both "king", of Nebadon and of course as creator of Nebadon is everywhere present in Nebadon as his energy is in all things of Nebadon.

He and Nebadonia,, (Mother spirit, daughter of the Infinite spirit and you can call here the Holy spirit of Nebadon if you wish, since you don't have other terms available) are actually the creator pair of our universe and they create all the angelic orders of Nebadon together, except Nebadonia, creates by herself a number of the somewhat lower servant angels including the guardian angels. Lower if quantitative because guardian angels ascend to paradise generally with the ones they guard and are very high angels at that point. I am from Paradise having taken also the ascension journey to that point and Andrea my guardian angel also made paradise and she is here also with me, we are eternal friends. She is also of course a high spirit being and is here also using a body, as her work requires one. Not to so hard to understand I hope.

The creation is HUGE and most of it isn't even visible to us because of the both the distance, and also because the Central Universe is in the way, just as we can't see planets when they are behind our sun. the Central Universe is huge.

your goal in life is to GROW you mind in godly ways. Period. In a nutshell. If you desire eternal life, you must earn it. believing ON jesus doesn't cut the mustard. Striving to be Like God the Father or Like Jesus (christ Michael) of Nebadon, is your goal. Those seeking to Become Like the Father (of the creation), must work at it. There is no magic. You are given guardian angels and others to assist you along the way, help provide the experiences you need and the like. it is your angels that often have helped you and you call them "God" did this for me. Your angels did it for you.

You also have a Father Fragment, every "new soul" with NORMAL Mind get's one on this planet when they make their first moral decision. Usually around the age of 5 on this planet. Can be earlier or much, much later.

That is the "holy spirit" most of you do not understand that you are being helped by. It is not 3rd person trinity, but first person trinity, it is a piece of MIND from the FAther that comes to assist the growth of YOUR MIND. This makes YOU a "faith son of God". After many lives, and lessons given from the mansion worlds, if you are successful and make the final choice to take the ascension journey to Paradise, you will "FUSE" your mind with This piece of God the Father's mind, and at that time you are then a REAL SON of GOD.

Prior fusion your thought adjuster is on loan to you. If you reject eternal life, it leaves and will be assigned to another.

YOU MUST CHOOSE ETERNAL LIFE. And it has to be earned. If you want to live in the higher realms. Now those higher realms ARE HIGHER PLANETS. They are custom built by very advanced folks. Before you reach paradise you will have lived on many of them along the journey.

After your life on earth, if you made at least 3rd circle spirituality, you will go to the mansion worlds, the first level worlds of 'heaven". Actually they are not heaven in the fullest sense but they are beyond this world and similar worlds. There are 7 of them in our "district" so to speak, and when you graduate those worlds, you then live on the district headquarters, called Jerusem. There are many more past this. You will then live on constellation worlds, then on the surrounding worlds of Salvington, our universe of nebadon headquarters. The Salvington itself. when you graduate Salvington, you are a spirit being. Then you go thru a lot of schools/custom planets, to make Urversa the headquarters of our superuniverse, orvonton, of which the Milky Way is the core galaxy. When you graduate Uversa you go to Havona the Central Universe which has 1 billions highly custom worlds you traverse. Then you graduate those and obtain paradise and the Father. At that point YOU ARE THEN a SON of GOD sitting at the Right Hand of the Father. OK. That IS your goal, but not the last one, for eternity is a long time and you continue to learn and grow and serve.

Currently, as a citizen of Paradise, I am on duty to the Ancients of Days of Uversa, to this planet. I have returned also to serve with Christ Michael uplifting this world. I chose to walk the planet, so I am incarnate here. This means I USE a Body I created by birth thru my parents. I am NOT IN this body.

that said not one of you is in your body either actually. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY!!!!!!! You are your MIND. IT IS YOUR MIND THAT SURVIVES DEATH of your body.

IF YOU DESIRE ETERNAL LIFE, YOUR GOAL IS TO BECOME LIKE THE FATHER. The FAther's WILL is that YOU BECOME LIKE HIM and he provides for a masterful education towards that purpose. Getting baptized, going to church, believing ON jesus by whatever name you call him, does not cut the mustard. Your actions cut the mustard. That is how it is. People never need hear the name of Jesus to serve him. And he name was never Jesus anyway, Paul made that one up.

Those who practice ISlAM have exactly the same choices as do you. Ditto any other dimwitted religion on this planet. And by the way, there are in existance now about 5.6 TRILLION evolutionary planets like this one. And there are about 3.8 MILLION evolutionary planets in NEBADON at this time.

Earth is NOT the only planet with man upon it. And "man" comes in many forms besides this form you are using. Depending on the nature of the evolutionary planet and the life that is seeded on it by God's scientists, the Life Carriers, many forms are possible. There are horse people, dog people, cat people, insect people, elephant people, bird people, and even PLANT PEOPLE. OK. In fact, in that story of a craft shot down in Roswell, those were PLANT people in it. One survived for a few years, he was labeled EBE. These plant people had come to earth to offer help with our increasing problems of carbon dioxide. And if we failed as a civilization, because of our not getting the carbon dioxide under control, they could have used the planet themselves. Ponder that.

Now hopefully you know something more about God and the eternal journey. The creation is trillions of years old. Eternal life is trillions of years long. Ponder that one. You do not go to some fluffy heaven to party with "jesus" for eternity. You are educated, changed into a spirit being over a long process, and attain God the Father on Paradise and it's not done then, as you continue in service all over the place. Service is WORK people. REad the Urantia Book, it will greatly enlighten you. Thank you.
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