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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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archiving again.

A Brown Dwarf Star Explains So Many Unanswered Questions
LUCUS 2/8/11 4:35AM CST
[link to rabbithole2.com]

Have you ever asked yourself how scientists can know the composition of a planet that's orbiting a star light years away, but yet, they can not come to agreement as to what causes ice ages right here on our own planet Earth?

Yes there are various theories, but there is by far no type of "The World is Round" kind of consensus about why Earth goes through cyclical warming and cooling periods like clockwork.

How about the fact that modern science can actually take an image of an atom but can't seem to figure out how the ancient people of the world built such monuments as the Great Pyramid or Tiwanaku.

We can go to the moon, but we don't understand gravity. Humans can bring living things back from the dead, fondle an organism's DNA, and grow internal organs in a dish, but yet, we don't know what caused the fall of all civilizations worldwide 3,600 years ago.

Have you ever pondered such questions? If you have, maybe you have come to the same conclusion I have, that we are being taught NOT to learn such things.

In this article I am going to try my best to add the missing link to the equation that causes so many unanswered questions. It all fits together nicely.

[link to rabbithole2.com]
 Quoting: Floyd Anderson

it is not the brown dwarf that causes the cycles. It is the trip around Alcyone the central star of which our sun is a member. Takes nearly 26000 years, and twice we are in it's photon Belt, LIKE NOW. nearly every 13,000 years.

this particular trip thru the photon Belt is auspicious because it is also the trip the GOD ENERGIES emitted by the Center of the Milky Way. It is the end of the Great Cycle of Alcyone and thus our sun system, around the Milky Way.

there are a host of new energies coming in from that, (over 4 years now), that WILL cause GREAT CHANGE in evolution in this area at this time. We are in a blast of God Particles, (100 of them make up the electron, all sorts of rays such as new gamma rays man has not seen before, and more, plus those photons of the photon belt. The God Particle is within everything, and it's going to be heavily within EARTH now, including all matter. It will raise up this place.

The Brown Dwarf has nothing to do with this, with the exception it is the fulcrum of this solar system, all solar systems have a brown dwarf (Planet X), that drags the whole solar system around whatever it's central star is. it is NOT the destroyer of mythology on this planet. the destroyer does come thru here periodically but it's not here now either, nor expected.

The destroyer is not Nibiru either. Nibiru was last here 2000 years ago and is on your Christmas cards as the star of bethlehem. YES IT IS.

Nibiru is not here at this time, and will in fact NEVER be here again, because our Planet X, the Brown Dwarf is being used to move our whole solar system into a new energy stream, as part of the process of making this solar system and our planet, an eternal creation, as part of the ascension PROCESS, which is NOT any magic wand but a gradual process. Soon those energies from the Milky Way, those God particles will take hold within the matter of this planet, including all the life upon it. It will be thus born into the eternal cycles.

Creator will have joined with this local creation.
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