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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i would like to make the point.... as to date (that we know) NOBODY knows what niburu really is, if its there (i would say 99% yes it is) but if it is we dont know if its responsible for anything...lol
 Quoting: earth-issues

You can't just want it to be there you have to have evidence. What evidence do you have to support your assertion that Nibiru exists?
 Quoting: Commutator

Excuse me, I do happen to KNOW what Nibiru is. And it's NOT here. It is also confused with the REAL VENUS, which occasionally is seen, plus our new Jupiter Sun now, also occasionally barely seen, peeking out in the corona from time to time. I have not checked for that of late. IT is MY purpose to get the real truth out there, in this time of confusion. I am an incarnate member of "star fleet", which ARE the HOSTS FROM HEAVEN here at this time.

the Real Venus is IN OUR ORBIT and as part of orbital balance when two planets are in an orbit, this is always to us on the other side of the sun. At some point in the future, mars might even be added to this orbit, it's a possibility, as it is being Terraformed also, actually RE terraformed, since it once bore an advanced civilization that destroyed the atmosphere playing weather war games, same group of dummies trying to destroy this planet the same way too, that is why all the Haarps are carefully babysat.

Sun Jupiter is kept also opposite us, in it's normal orbit, but obviously its transit is greatly speeded up so it stays opposite the sun also. Everytime fleet brings it out into even the corona of the sun, it's energies are too heavy yet, and it must stay behind the sun until its about time to undergo the magnetic reversal, because it's presence otherwise will cause the magnetic reversal, before the forces of God are ready for it.

Ye ones are seeing star ships showing holograms for "Venus and Jupiter"
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