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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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OP, wow friend very good information! OP is anything written or researched on the other planet destroyed by Nibiru? what or who they where? I was reading that other post about the dark jupiter solar system thing and saw your post. wow you hit it all in the head my friend. I will be following this thread thank you, GLP is awesome.
 Quoting: i BYTE

I have seen ONE referenced somewhere in all the books I have or have read in bookstores and left there. Not sure which one and don't want to dig thru my collection. My knowledge is more from those I work with.

I made this thread to archive some of my long posts I write. There was simply a completely normal solar system, like ours around a Sirian sun. and battles between a couple of planets in that system. When the sun was destroyed in that battle, the various planets drifted away. the surviving planet, Nibiru was highly developed technically, and life on the inside of it survived. It was capable to a degree of self propulsion and they were given a new circuit which goes around the remainder of Sirius and our sun. By galactic law they must STAY in it, otherwise risk destruction. It is thus a PLANET and not any 2nd sun. It's atmosphere/propulsion system does require gold which is a huge reason they mine earth when here. Their technology is huge and they are thus in that sense a "battle star" not unlike I think in a way the story in Star wars. But they have a fixed route, unlike the star war story, and they are not an artifically built sphere, as is the one in star wars.
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