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Message Subject Nibiru is not here plus an archive of my posts.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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another to archive from the comet Elinin thread, and as I was posting in it, I thought I was IN this thread, so here it is to archive.

Personally, I'm more worried about the degrading of the magentosphere just in time for the solar max. That's doomy enough for me.

Any shills, or experts want to clear that up for me?
Quoting: Thelemic Messiah
quote from comet Elinin thread.

Again, I am the expert. I am star fleet ground crew and my organization is a partnership with those on high. Mods here have made a mess of my profile etc, so google as suggested in my signature file.

The magnetosphere will go down as part of the magnetic reversal temporarily. It is not bad that it is degrading anyway, as it thus lets in the new energies that remodel this plane. it is not necessary at all in fact. It is a prison fence that keeps lower life spirit forms ON the planet, and also the heliosphere is a prison fence for the solar system, same idea. it will come down too in time as the ascension proceeds

It is the firmament that came down during some galactic war that is protective to the planet, regards the radiation. It is being rebuilt and fleet is using some of that shit in the chemtrails to help the process, drawing it into the very high atmosphere to hold the water vapor. If they were NOT using some of that shit in the chemtrails, we would always be in a visible layer of dust. The taking down of the firmament, caused those 40 days of rain and our oceans got bigger. Putting it back up will uncover some land also.

It is also not the ozone that we need either, that is the result of the industrial age. the firmament will protect us. Solar max is NOT here yet, because star fleet has not allowed it. The sun as it responds and must release to the energies coming in, is "vented" to the back side not to earth. Actually it is responding, in a sense the increase is vented so it does not hit us, except as we need protons. If the protons are falling low we are allowed some coronal holes and CME's.

God is giving the last available time in this regard to the people of this planet to come back into the light. it cannot go much longer. They have sone a few short periods of stasis of a day or so to cleanse here some and work on cleansing of pollutants out of site at night too.

There is absolutely are marvelous plan so there is minimal suffering as the earth must go thru this, and the thugs will not release the plan, they keep up the fear No comet is going to cause a FLIP in march. If that is even possible it will be deterred. A flip is NOT what we need. Too drastic! The forces from Heaven are here, have been heavily since 1954, but a few craft were sent before then to prevent the 18 degree impending axis shift at the time. An axis shift caused a new equator, and is pretty drastic. Man has been thus "saved" in that regard to be here NOW. They wanted this internet up, it IS the gift of Christ Michael to this world.
Fresh Revelation for this age found in The Urantia Book, The Phoenix Journals, The Course in Miracles and otherwise google candace frieze
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