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Message Subject What is wrong with American Business today? Last week I had to take a 2 day class on how to pick up boxes and how to use the handrail on the stairs.
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The thing is, the insurance agencies that provide for workman's comp insurance require that employers now provide safety training for their employees in order to underwrite the policies. My husband has worked in fabrication, and was chairman of the safety committee (no one else wanted the unpaid position and extra responsibilities) so that his fellow co-workers got a fair deal if and when they were injured on the job. Every year, when the workman's comp policy was up, he went to the meetings and learned what was required in order for the insurance company to continue providing the policy without robbing the company blind.

It's screwed up, that's for sure. Even those with the best safety training can get hurt on the job, like my husband did last week, simply due to snow and lifting barrels. The businesses are just covering their arses, and insurance companies are dictating the procedures.
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