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Russia Building 5000 Nuclear Bomb Shelter by 2012

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United States
12/14/2010 08:30 PM
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Russia Building 5000 Nuclear Bomb Shelter by 2012
Why Is Russia Building 5000 More Nuclear Bomb Shelters In Moscow By The End Of 2012? -Hmmmm

Russia certainly seems to be in a hurry to prepare for something. RT is reporting that 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters will be constructed in the city of Moscow by the end of 2012. Russian authorities believe that these new shelters are urgently needed because the current nuclear bomb shelters will only hold approximately half the population and are quite outdated. In addition, there are apparently very few nuclear bomb shelters for those living outside the city center at this point. Officials want virtually the entire population of Moscow to be able to reach a bomb shelter within a matter of minutes. But in this era when the "Cold War" is supposed to be over, why are 5000 nuclear bomb shelters such an urgent necessity?

The following is an RT video news report about these new shelters....

But it isn't just Russia that has been busy building bomb shelters.

A few years ago, Shanghai’s Civil Defense Office announced the completion of an absolutely massive underground shelter. It was reported that the shelter covers an area of over 90,000 square meters and could accommodate up to 200,000 people at a time.

But that giant shelter is not even as big as the "Underground Great Wall" that was built during that 1960s and 1970s. It is estimated that the "Underground Great Wall" contains 19 miles of tunnels and shelters and could hold up to 300,000 people. It reportedly has a munitions warehouse, a hospital, a theater and even a library.

So what about the U.S. government? Are they building any bomb shelters for us?


Basically, Americans are sitting ducks. Whether it is a rogue nation launching a nuke or a full-out nuclear war, Americans literally have nowhere to go. In the event of a nuclear attack, most of us would be lucky to have enough time to duck and cover and say our prayers.

The sad truth is that the U.S. government considers the threat of nuclear war to be a thing of the past.

For decades, an overwhelming nuclear arsenal has been our primary protection against nuclear attack, but thanks to the last several presidents our strategic nuclear arsenal has been mostly dismantled.

Today, the United States has only 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile, which represents an 84 percent decline since a peak of approximately 31,255 in 1967.

But that isn't far enough for Barack Obama. Currently, Obama is working on a treaty under which the United States and Russia would only be allowed a maximum of 1,550 deployed warheads.

So with nuclear weapons rapidly spreading throughout the world, and with the U.S. only having a small fraction of the nukes that it used to have, doesn't that make a nuclear strike against the United States more likely?

Of course, but because the mainstream media tells Americans that we don't have to worry about nuclear war anymore most of them don't even think about it.

But Russia is obviously taking a different approach. Building 5000 bomb shelters in one city alone is a massive undertaking. Obviously they feel like building all of these shelters is important for one reason or another.

So are they just being paranoid or are they several moves ahead of us?

[link to endoftheamericandream.com]

User ID: 1046738
United States
12/14/2010 08:40 PM
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Re: Russia Building 5000 Nuclear Bomb Shelter by 2012
i have been writing about this for years. no one seems to excited about it, lol, in hindsight they will be. the USA has even more ambitious programs underway, in fact they never slowed down since the 50's. i have read that we even have nuclear powered tunneling machines that run around the clock, and have for decades.
but it seems that we won't be included in any future plans, except for slave labor. which is why the massive campaign of dumbing down has also been full speed ahead for decades.

i believe neutron type bombs will be used to save most of the infrastructure, for the NWO
"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

Israel's Mossad

"The truth shall set you free."

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Motto
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1048287
United States
12/14/2010 08:43 PM
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Re: Russia Building 5000 Nuclear Bomb Shelter by 2012
i think we only have a little more than the 1550 deployed ... maybe 1800

so it puts a verifiable cap on russia but doesnn't reduce us much

w/o the treaty for all we know russia could build another 10,000 bombs w/launch vehicles to go with them

we would never know ... what would we do? build 10,000 ourselves just in case? or do nothing, assuming russia probably wasn't doing this?

w/o the treaty neither side knows what the other is doing.

but i do think the idea of a "nuclear bomb free world" is stupid