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Message Subject What additive can I put into kerosene to run a diesel engine?
Poster Handle mavric
Post Content
yes, there is no difference between them except the gov. requires kerosene to have a red dye additive which will turn your exhaust reddish in color. a flag for the troops, it is illegal to use it in place of diesel and you will be fined to hell


there is a big difference

and red dyed diesel (called derv in the uk) is not kerosene
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1192886

ah, but kerosene does contain red dye here in the U.S as a flag for those that are using it a deisel.

I managed a national truck stop chain here in the U.S. The reason they started putting dye into kerosene was due to truckers using it as a cheap replacement.

Run kerosene, doesnt matter to me, but you will flag yourself and pay extremely hefty fines. The gov. wont let you down easy for the tax you dont pay.
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