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Message Subject What additive can I put into kerosene to run a diesel engine?
Poster Handle mrmatt2164
Post Content
Buy 40-1 2-cycle oil, 1 bottle per every 2 gallons. 80-1, easier then 75-1, still about the same.
Be sure that it is Synthetic or Synthetic Blend.

Kerosene, with some added Lubricant, should work. I've never tried it myself.

But soon as I get my book published and get Money from it, I might consider getting a Diesel Truck.

Pick-Up Truck that is.

I might use Kero all year long as well. It should work just fine. Kero is much like Diesel, with Added Lubrication, it will work fine. Kero is also a bit Cleaner than Diesel.

It's gonna be called 'The Real Truth About Evolution, UFO'S and the Government By Matt Von Hovstein'

I'm a member of both the Illuminati and the Galactic Federation of Light, by the way.
I am creating the NWO, they don't pay me though.
I will be writing about my Plans and all the stuff I have to mention.

At the same time, I am going to possibly be writing short stoies, for another book, obviously.

However, I am going to be using a Typewriter which will be coming in soon, got it off of Amazon.

I need it cuzz I have ADD. :p

If I was to use the pc I might get distracted.

Yahh, of course... I do take Ritalin.

PS, the GFOL IS Real, and we are Allies to many Planets, there's hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of Benevolent Races. (Friendly/Willing To Help)

Some Malevolent Races are in the GFOL, just because they are Malevolent does not mean they are Bad.
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