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prophetic vision of (possible) future WWIII nuclear blast by daniel the reincarnated prophet.

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United States
12/16/2010 01:12 PM
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prophetic vision of (possible) future WWIII nuclear blast by daniel the reincarnated prophet.
In 2007 I had a dream vision of a possible future event. This was an ultra-realistic, vivid vision in full color, and easily remembered to this day.

In the vision I was situated within a military base outside, with barracks nearby and a large number of military trucks and tanks in the background. The vision started with a massive nuclear blast, a huge mushroom cloud about 20 miles away, filling up a large segment of the sky. I observed everyone around me on the base running for cover as the immense shock wave was approaching fast.

People were running to hide behind the barracks for safety in large crowds; it was a total “run-for-your-lives” type of panic. I started to run with some others, in the opposite direction of the blast as I noticed a small cliff or ledge where I hoped I could hide and escape the blast.

Before jumping over onto the lower ledge, I saw multiple small, laser-targeted missiles come from the other direction, swooping down from the sky, impacting and destroying the tanks and military trucks parked on the base, one-by-one.

By now, the shock wave from the powerful yet distant nuclear blast was upon us, I jumped over the cliff onto a ledge to escape. The shock wave then hit with tremendous force and pressure, with dirt and debris billowing over, burying me alive.

I was completely buried under dirt and could not breath; I was suffocating to death. It must be stressed, this was no “regular” dream, I actually felt the pain of suffocating as though it were real life, there was no difference...I spent 4 minutes under there in darkness, until I died.

I immediately woke up from this profound, realistic nightmare, shaking in awe and fear; I remained uncontrollably trembling for the next 30 minutes after waking. It was absolutely terrifying.

It's unclear whether this was a precognitive vision, or just some pointless nightmare. One of the public warnings as a prophet, issued since 1998 on the internet was of World War Three. It is my contention that this was ultimately partially fulfilled with the 9-11, 2001 “trigger” where the US shortly thereafter invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. It's a long war that will not end soon. The good news is that president Obama pulled out 100,000 combat troops from Iraq recently. There are still 50,000 “support” troops there however, and my contention is that we are going to be permanently stationed in the Middle East for the inevitable global decline in oil production in the coming years, called Peak Oil.

Also, nuclear capable India and China have recently been saber-rattling with each other over oil and competition for natural resources, globally. Both countries are rapidly industrializing and growing economically like wildfire, in a world with finite resources.

I hope to live to see the day when we no longer engage in wars over land, religion, money, oil or other natural resources, but for the time being and near-term future, it looks like “more of the same.”

I don't want to ever see a nuclear exchange in my current lifetime on earth. My goal as a prophet is to bring light and tolerance into the world, and alter the future so that we may avert the worst possible outcome. This is NOT a written-in-stone prophecy. We need more light workers such as yourselves to pray more, invoke the heavenly angels and selflessly meditate deliberately for more world peace. We DO collectively have this power, my friends, but I can not do it all alone! Do you know there's Buddhist monks in monasteries in the far east, who all meditate everyday, all-day, sending out energies of peace to the rest of the world? Why don't you and I join them?

If you wish to read more of my FREE to read online book, go to my website: [link to www.finalbookofdaniel.com]

this will be incredibly hard to believe, but this author is the historic reincarnation of biblical Daniel, and since 1999, a full incarnated angel-messenger-prophet!

well, it seems the only place I can get my message out is in "fringe" forums like this, since most Christians (80%) do not even believe in reincarnation, incarnated (holy) angels, despite the fact that Dani 12:13 of their own Bible says Daniel is to return "at the end of the days."

Well, here I am, and have written a not-for-profit, scripture quality spiritual autobiography about my awakening, visions, prophecies, real-life experiences etc.

Those who have read it say it is "mind blowing." Best of all, as God as my witness, it is all true!
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/16/2010 01:22 PM
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Re: prophetic vision of (possible) future WWIII nuclear blast by daniel the reincarnated prophet.