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My Bestest Christmas Present ever...sad but restores my faith in humanity

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United States
12/22/2010 02:17 PM
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My Bestest Christmas Present ever...sad but restores my faith in humanity
Merry Christmas everyone,
I wanted to just share a little bit of something very unexpected happening at Christmastime.

A lady that I know that owns the sewing machine store that I bought my Designer Se from has been having a fit with Viking in getting my sewing machine repaired.
Everyone thought it was the power supply but after installing found out it was the motherboard. This has been going on since the beginning of Nov of no machine to finish up xmas presents.
Viking sends out motherboard and after install that
motherboard was defective. Viking sends new motherboard and supposed to be installed this week so fingers are crossed. Will play catch up later....lol

In all the frustration with Viking this lady (who is also a dear friend), is getting ready to celebrate her 59th birthday. Let the party begin....oh oh not so fast....bad news.
She and a friend and her son go out to dinner with her, they go out afterwards xmas shopping, go home wrap presents and everyone goes to bed.

Her son lives with her (32 years old) She gets up next morning to find her son passed in his sleep of a heart attack. Ends up with a funeral service for her son the day before her birthday as everyone was celebrating her birthday the week before.

Now this lady is a Angel without wings. She has been through so much that my heart aches for her but she also has family and close friends that are supporting her and she is back at her store trying to stay busy.
I have no idea what its like to lose your only child but this woman amazes me with her faith and strength.

I received a Xmas card from her yesterday with a beautiful touching letter and also another letter that leaves me in shock. Remember the motherboard?

Her Xmas present to me she says is not wrapped in beautiful paper but instead is wrapped in love and she also states that because of the turn of events Christmas shopping took a different turn this year.
My Xmas present is the repair of my machine (parts & labor) paid in full.

I am at a total loss for words. Please keep this lady (Linda) in your thoughts and prayers as she need all the strength and support she can get.She has had a very very tough year....this time last year (Dec) she had to bury her brother and this past Easter she had to bury her mother.

Sorry this post is long but had to share that even in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, God does work in mysterious ways.

May you all have great health, happiness and God's blessings.
Merry Christmas

P.S. I am in need of advice but do not know how to start and your advice might help me in trying to get something started for her. I am trying to overwhelm her with Angels sent to her. If anyone has any ideas much appreciated.