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Message Subject Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver campaign update
Poster Handle Levski
Post Content
Going to the bank again this next Monday, January 17th.
I will be buing another 10 ounces of silver.
This time probably Canadian maple leaves.
They are so beautiful.

Just for Your information people, I am paying outrageous premium of about 50% above spot price.Each 1 ounce silver coin costs 40+ dollars here in Bulgaria.

Of course that will not stop me, knowing that silver will be above 100 dollars within a year or so.

I want you all to wathc this video below.

I know it has already been posted here on GLP but I will need some time to find that thread.

STG(the guy who is filming) goes to a coin show and speaks with the dealers there.

All of a sudden one of the coin dealers mentions that many people are buying silver only to hurt JP Morgan!!!

Many of his(the dealer's) colleagues have reported that folks are coming in their stores and state that they want to force JPM to cover their silver short positions.

It is happening guys!

For all who have not watched the video- find the link below.

[link to www.youtube.com]
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