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Message Subject Rare cat photographed!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

There have been a lot of sightings of "large Cats" Leopards, Panthers, where nthey are not supposed to live in the wild.

In 1988 I saw a large black cat (Panther type Cat)cros the road in S. W. Washinton State. That area has no such creature(supposedly), although I pulled over to the side of the road, as did an on comming car to let it slowly cross. I know the diff between a "cougar", and this..."Black Panther". I have been to the Zoo, and have close up pics of a black panther. In 1988 we did not have cell phones with cameras ready to click. The good thing is that we do have the technoogy today, and the pics are starting to roll out; however because of technology, people say that they are faked/...cant win for loosing...go figure?
 Quoting: tomasgod1

We have a Florida black panther that lives in the woods behind our house.It's a beautiful cat, and the paw prints are gigantic(place your thumbs and mid fingers together to make a circle,to get an idea of the circumference).The local Ms.Wildlife officer says there have been sightings, but no photos.The "official" story is that there are none in Ms.,but my neighbors and I beg to differ.Their range is quite large, and they will kill domestic animals. I lost 3 dogs to him in 2004.I'm thinking of setting up a motion detected camera to get a photo of him.A friend wrecked her car on the highway trying to avoid hitting one.
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