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A Conspiracy Melts Down Into Washers and Dryers

User ID: 1208630
United States
12/27/2010 04:10 PM
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A Conspiracy Melts Down Into Washers and Dryers
GULFPORT, Miss. — The planned overthrow of the United States government ended rather prosaically this fall, with a giant pile of mashed-up trucks in a muddy scrap yard a mile or so off the Interstate.

The crew at Alter Metal Recycling has been piling up the old trucks since the summer and sending them to Alabama, for melting down and reincarnation as everything from cars to washers and dryers.

The process is pretty standard, said Troy Brooks, the yard supervisor. But these trucks were a little different.

“There were a lot of rumors flying around about them,” he said.

In certain circles in the mid-’90s, among those inclined to keep an eye out for black helicopters, they were more than just rumors. To them, the presence of 700 military-looking trucks bearing Soviet-bloc markings in a weed-strewn lot north of Gulfport was clear proof of a United Nations-brokered plan to take over the United States.

The specific outlines of such a plot were rather vague. But conspiracy-cult radio shows and right-wing fringe newsletters delivered somber reports about the vehicles, speaking of armored tanks and secret roads and the role of the vehicles in the establishment of a New World Order.

“There have also been reports that the vehicles are being shipped by barges on the Pearl River,” one dispatch read gravely, “north to some unknown destination.”

The rest of the story here:
[link to www.nytimes.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 776713
United States
12/27/2010 04:17 PM
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Re: A Conspiracy Melts Down Into Washers and Dryers
Thanks interesting read... I recall the conspiracy theories...