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United States
12/29/2010 07:53 PM
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Turn it off now
I am proud to give this version of how we native Idahoans are. We don't put up with nothing. Stick it in our face, and we will happily redirect you to a plastic surgeon.

[link to www.kdwn.com]

You know, teens are way out of reason. Okay I was a rebel when I was a teen, but this kid deserved a punch in the ARM.

This guy is arrested for punching a kid in the ARM. Geesus. If I ever have this opportunity on a fucking airliner, where MY life is on the line, knowing I WILL get arrested, I will punch the asshole in the goddamned face.

This guy was arrested, for a punch in the arm. Geesus. This world is getting way to messed up. Time to exit stage left.
Fishing and skiing keeps me a little sane.
~content soul~

User ID: 1018718
United States
01/06/2011 01:37 PM

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Re: Turn it off now
fuck attorneys.
Control your life with diet, intuition, herbs & supplements, positive emotions, spiritual connection, social support (GLP) & have a strong reason for living.