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Message Subject I don't have a microwave
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
PEOPLE!! Understand that this was given to us with full knowledge of the side affects!
Slow kill people! Reality knocking here! Your only good till 65 then your a drain on the economy. Reality here.
Slowly make you sick then Big Pharma to save the day. A SLAVE THROUGH SICKNESS!! Sorry if I offend, but grow up and wake up that the government won't take care of you.
 Quoting: CDNpiper

nope sure won't ...forming "death panels" now...
they want you D-E-A-D.....

just in case you need it spelled out....which if you are the typical 'Merikin...you do.

ok now look at fluoride, mercury amalgams, vaccines, msg, aspartame, canola oil and GMO foods....not to mention chemtrails...where they literally write your doom in the sky.

what the fucks wrong with your brains......
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