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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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All posters on this thread
have been filed and documented.

would you like phone numbers to go with that... Some of us are not at locations that can be identified and would hate to be left off your list of crap. NO FEAR, I really hate the spineless drivel out of individuals that are so frightened and scare other.

I guess you have not had the experience of FEAR, I've been shot, looked down the barrel of a gun not knowing intent, had an aneurism, and a divorce and damn won them all. You think this scares people you are wrong. The fear is in the eyes of the collapse and it is just around the bend

Your attitude has been duly noted AC1213272. You will be one of the first sent to our Re-Education camp. Sleep Well.

I sleep well every night and being a female, corporate executive and not quite the idiot you are I will be one great challange to the re-eduaction camps. I have a skill and ability that really you cannot comprehend. Thank you for your fear tactics and I wish you better success with others. It really is sad that a short, fearless female has more power in her thoughts than and individual that is a mental midget can convey in his trials of keeping fear populated.

Did you know that fear has a power only to the negative and that it cowers in the face of faith. I have alot of faith and I guess that is why I win so often, God needs me and satan hates me...that's why I survived a brain aneurism, spent 37 days in neuro-intensive care and saw the other side. I really have no FEAR of re-education as I was re-educated by the best and I learned what a loser is. You will find out soon enough
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1213272

Oh yes thank you for the bump. People need to see this and the threats and just how to overcome the fear of the mental midgets.

Copy the quote from page 4 of this thread and send it out to everyone on email. I am against violence and believe that our thoughts have power. To everone on here, keep your faith in the power of positive thought because the thought of fear will only bring you more fear.

Keep strong and in control of your thoughts, keep positive and work to help your fellow man to understand the power he actually controls and that power will enable you to move mountains
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