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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I want to clarify what I think I just read. If I were to write "Redeemed lawful money per 12-USC-411" on the back of every Federal Reserve Note I came into contact with, as soon as I have written that on $300,000,000 worth of Federal Reserve Notes, the entire US Deficit would be paid?

No, but the US Treasury would have to pay another $300,000,000 million in gold or silver coin (at face value of said coins) to replace the 300 million YOU paid off. And the National debt owed to the Federal Reserve would drop 300 million as soon as the transaction was complete.

And all interest that would have accrued on that debt would be gone also. That is what happens when you actually "pay" for something.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 692708

So, if everyone wrote "Redeemed lawful money per 12-USC-411" on the back of all of their Federal Reserve Notes everyday
and used them, eventually the national debt would be paid off?
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