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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Suppose now I go down to the market. I want to buy a loaf of bread. Let's say the going rate today is $1 Federal Reserve for a loaf of bread. How much can I expect to pay in Lawful Money?

What part of "non-negotiable Federal Reserve notes of FACE VALUE" do you not get?

You get face value of the note, nothing more, nothing less.

The difference is DEBT. One note is a promise to pay and interest bearing, the other is an actual payment. Can you figure out which is which?

One is a piece of paper I might have, and exchange for goods or services at a rate agreed with a vendor. The other is a piece of paper I might have, and exchange for goods or services at a rate agreed with a vendor.

If the vendor is willing to exchange my $1 Federal Reserve for a loaf of bread, what do I care for the theory behind it? I'm only interested if the $1 Lawful Money is _actually_ worth more. If the price of bread was $2 Federal Reserve, but $1 Lawful Money, well, _THEN_ I would agree that Lawful Money is worth more. But otherwise, I can't see the difference at all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1208372

That is because you do not know the difference between freedom and subjugation. Anyone from Europe should know what actually being a "land owner" means and allodial title.

"Allodial title constitutes ownership of real property (land, buildings and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord. In common legal use, allodial title is used to distinguish absolute ownership of land by individuals from feudal ownership, where property ownership is dependent on relationship to a lord or the sovereign. Webster's first dictionary (1825 ed) says "allodium" is "land which is absolute property of the owner, real estate held in absolute independence, without being subject to any rent, service, or acknowledgment to a superior. It is thus opposed to "feud."

If you buy the bread with a FRN it is first leaned by the Federal Reserve, and if they want it, they can take it.

If you buy it with lawful money it is yours in allodium, and cannot be taken without just compensation.

Same goes for cars, gold, land, houses, et al.

The choice is yours.
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