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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I read a few pages of this long thread. Everybody knows the golden rule:

He who has the gold makes the rules.

But what many of you have forgotten is the corollary to the golden rule:

He who has the guns takes the gold.

Seriously do any of you think just stamping some checks and writing your name in all caps is going to keep the IRS thugs from putting a lean on your house and tapping into your paycheck slaphim

I was when lived in the USA I was stupid. I actually thought that laws protected citizens and judges would honor the law.

When I moved to Thailand I learned the truth: Laws are written by the government thugs to either enrich themselves or as a weapon to destroy their opposition.

All your caps letters, admiralty law, legal money, bla bla arguments don't mean jack. If you don't pay they will come after you and you will end up paying twice as much due to your bullshit fines and interest charges.
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