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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He spends hours and days arguing how and why he is right and that someday, I will lose everything and go to prison. Yet he does not call the IRS hotline and report me?

Laughing.....quite the bravado from someone going by 'Anonymous Coward'.

You go anonymously. The people you're trying to shilling your latest tax con to have to use their real names.

A con, that by your own admission.....has never been recognized as valid by the courts.

Dude, why do you fucking care so much? It's like you work for the IRS. If it's legal, it's legal. If it's not legal, well you aren't breaking the law, so why do you seem to give a huge shit whether that other dude does or not?

You're confused. I have no sympathy for the con men leeching money from folks with their latest tax avoidance scheme. Schiff, both Browns, and Hendricksen can rot in prison for all I care.

The problem I have with this nonsense is all the regular folks, the victims of their con....who *also* go to prison. And lose homes. And lose jobs because they bought into pseudo-legal nonsense shilled by these conmen.

You think it was just Benson that went to prison when his 'Law that never was' nonsense collapsed?

Of course not.

You think it was just Hendrickson who went to prison when his 'Cracking the Code' idiocy was predictably revealed to be another tax con?

Of course not.

You think it was just Schiff that went to prison when his tax avoidance cons were revealed?

Of course not.

And the victims of these cons are the people I care about. And the reason I bother to spend the time offering the *actual* case law rather than whatever pseudo-legal babble the shills have imagined. Well that and the fact that like shredding silly conspiracies.
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