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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
By the way, another LIE told by the shill: I have never received one dollar for explaining lawful money redemption to anyone, in any form.

Nor have I ever paid anything for the information posted here nor have I ever received goods or services of any kind for it.

So his bullshit claim I am scamming people out of money for this is another outright LIE.

Now, how much are YOU getting paid to be here SHILL?

You still refuse to post what you do for your elastic money and overlords at the Federal Government. You claim I am the one scamming people and yet you have not posted what YOU do for your taxable income.

Go back to your den of thieves and whited vessels full of death and decay inside.
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