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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Jknoph
Post Content

Lawful Money the united States IS THE FUCKING KEY to this!

Some thoughts I've had upon re-watching:

07:40 check is an IOU depositing a check is a loan?

09:32 this is why we are experiancing delfation because the banks are not making loans anymore causing
the currency supply to dry up as bills/taxes/interest are paid.

10:00 this bank loaning process also operates in reverse when loans go bad the banks no must find 10 dollars
in new deposits or assets for every 1 dollar it lent or its balence sheet collapses and the FDIC closes the

10:30 He leaves out something...what about coinage? Is it not also part of the money supply? Who issues that?

11:00 However the use of that currency is VOLUNTARY.

11:30 The use of that currency is optional but if you choose to use it then you have just participated in
a taxable activity via the excise tax statutes/regulations and indirect taxing clause of the constitution.

11:57 True, but why? Because the majority of the money in use was issued directly by the US Treasury.
Gold and Silver Coin, Gold and Silver certificates and United States Notes (greenbacks). Some currency
was issued by the national banks called National Bank Notes.

12:06 NOT TRUE, the congress could tax as income bank credit not issued under the authority of Congress all
along. They did it in the civil war. The purpose of the income tax amendment was to tax income derived
(seperated) from any source whatever. Stated differently income seperated from property (rent, dividends, gains
and profits)

14:00 This is called deflation

15:57 NOT TRUE. This only applies to the states not the federal government.

17:50 and foreign banks

19:19 Or other suckers around the world exporting inflation.

19:37 Physical currency springs into exsistance when the Bureau of engraving and printing prints and
ships currency to the Fed for the cost of printing it and who then gives it to the banks..The majority of the
"currency" is in a computer as 1's and 0's.

18:53 - 21:30 Where do coins minted by the treasury fit into this picture? They start at the mint via the
treasury to the Federal reserve to the banks to you. No bonds are created to facilitate the minting of coins
to my knowledge.

23:30 Use their poison and get what you deserve.

23:44 ABSOLUTLY FALSE! They are not unconstitutional.
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