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Message Subject Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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To those who will not read and study (prayerfully) no evidence or proof will will be enough. For those that do, the proof will be seen everyday.

I have proof because I have done it, as have others close to me. The only 5% flaw is a lack of doing, every one of the issues surrounding "redemption for US Treasury notes" AT the Fed banks and or treasury etc has been covered dozens of time in this thread.

Once the demand has been made and the records formed, the one making the demand is no longer subject to title 12, as one is no longer an authorized agent of the Federal reserve, the physical redemption of notes AT any location is not authorized for that man or woman.

The bank employees then are tasked with the cacelation of the debt (or treasury agent).

The notes are evidence of debt, even US treasury Notes. They are irrelevant, but the debt they represent and to whom it is owed is not irrelevant nor is their taxable nature or value.

One might be wise to notify the Secritary of the Treasury exactly how much redemption demand yearly is, after all, it is his lawful duty to keep an accounting of all redemptions and report them to congress on a monthly basis.

Good to the thread is still going strong, only because it works and continues to work.

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