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Message Subject Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
This is that state, aether. Feelers are the only way to move through these waters. Slow and steady as she goes as the saying goes.

There is another state to consider besides “makes one feel unwell and the other angry.” Maybe a “be careful what you ask for”.

Yes, we do not know this archetype. We are seeking language for this paradigm shift. The best we have gotten to is “sustainability” though it is being ‘marketed' as a crock of shit.

(Yes, cursing feels on target in tiptoeing through this shit...lol)

I don’t think it is “mara truly does not give a fuck”. It is “mara truly does not judge”. Why? It does not even know the language of anthropocentrism.

The shallowness of consciousness that the universe was created specifically for the evolution of mankind.

Keep the feedback coming. I will say yah or nay or humm. Right now I am humming with “Think of creation myth as foreshadowing before it was rewritten as self-fulling prophecy."
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