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Message Subject An UPDATED LIST & MAP of LOCATIONS with FALLING BIRDS, DEAD FISH & ANIMALS in 2011 (NEW updates on First page, last updated 02/04/11
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well as i see this,there seems to be a lot of the so called "experts",mostly with government titles giving convoluted and dumbfounded answers.Will we ever really know the truth?
Probably not from then,not before it's to late.So were does that leave us...
We have to look at what we see before our own eyes,what are the truths?
Here are just a few,bumblebees are dieing off at an alarming rate,fish kills seem to be happening all over the world,birds falling out of the sky.
What do they have in common?They are all rungs on a latter,and guess who is at the top...us!
I do not claim to know what killed off these critters,but i can tell you that i don't think it will stop here.
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