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Message Subject An UPDATED LIST & MAP of LOCATIONS with FALLING BIRDS, DEAD FISH & ANIMALS in 2011 (NEW updates on First page, last updated 02/04/11
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It will help to have a list to map it out, imho...


Kentucky - [link to www.wpsdlocal6.com]
Louisiana - [link to theintelhub.com]
Arkansas - [link to www.nytimes.com]
Columbia - link?
North Carolina - link?
Germany - [link to www.presseportal.de]
Arizona - link?
Japan - [link to www.upi.com]


Arkansas - [link to www.nydailynews.com]
Kent Island, MD - [link to www.wbaltv.com]
Brazil - [link to translate.google.com]
Wales UK - [link to www.bymnews.com]

I posted a link to this artical a few months ago but nobody paid attention.

Please read it. Its pretty short.

Thread: Rare Oarfish believed to herald earthquakes/Japan

GOOD CATCH! In the link in the article from that post there is this [link to www.youtube.com] video. From the GULF COAST CLEAN UP.

19 died and washed ashore in november in japan. Oar Fish are supposed to migrate toward equatorial waters by OCTOBER.

Theyre instincts told them to turn back from the gulf or near gulf waters imo. This means the gulf coast oil spill killed, is killing, or will kill ALL MIGRATORY FISH.

Just a working theory thus far. No hard facts, but I feel this can be added as a blip on my map. Agree?

Your theory sounds pretty darn right to me!
 Quoting: MG-42

sometimes i think every damn oil well in any ocean should just be pulled and plugged and another way found to provide heat and lights for the people

just shut it down and pave the bottom of the Gulf
there has to be a better way to get heat and light that doesn't wreck the environment

this abiotic oil drilling just doesn't seem safe at all

how do they know when they have drilled too far?

just nuts
whole thing is nuts
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