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Message Subject An UPDATED LIST & MAP of LOCATIONS with FALLING BIRDS, DEAD FISH & ANIMALS in 2011 (NEW updates on First page, last updated 02/04/11
Poster Handle unrealisrealnow
Post Content
Great job OP and everybody else who contributes. This is really curious...I was wondering myself what could cause birds drop out of the sky dead, and so many dead fish washing ashore all over. Yes, this happened before, but I never heard it in such masses, something's not right.

I told you.....farmers and factories lay down poison in the winter for pigeons and black birds and starlings.
We used to do it. Thousands control killed.
It's kept quiet for Animal Rights tree hugger types. It's no bid deal guys!...well......except to the birds.
They DON'T roost in trees in the winter. They find high warm spaces. The city or the county OR.the owner of the property lays poison seeds down. That's it. No other reason. Happens Every winter as they don't migrate and all other birds moved out of the area....making for a perfect controlled kill of these shit birds.

Your explanation would make perfect sense if the birds they examined in Arkasas did not have blunt force trauma. The birds insides were traumatized before they hit the ground and tests concluded that poison was absent from their system.....back to square one.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 956373

This explanation has a lot of merit. Maybe it's just what happens many years and the news is reporting it for fear mongering just like murder and id theft and everything else.

I first heard the blunt force trauma and laughed. No way. However, the blunt force truama would be from oh lets say............FALLING FROM THE SKY and hitting the ground.
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