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Message Subject An UPDATED LIST & MAP of LOCATIONS with FALLING BIRDS, DEAD FISH & ANIMALS in 2011 (NEW updates on First page, last updated 02/04/11
Poster Handle J In LA
Post Content
Per CNN's interview with Dr. George Badley, AR state veterinarian, he said that they performed a necropsy on 17 birds and found no signs of disease, but found massive internal injuries. He went on to say that statements from local residents report that they noticed more birds than usual that were roosting. They reported loud bangs, possibly from fireworks, prior to birds falling to their deaths. Dr. Badley said that the fireworks is a plausible explanation for their behavior. The loud noises may have scared them causing them to fly into houses causing internal injuries. He was asked if the LA bird deaths were associated with the AR deaths and he said he has not talked with anyone in LA. He does not think there is any connection.

This is BS! The more they talk the more I feel that there is something more sinister at work here.
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